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Special Care

Simply "add-on" any of these additional perks to complete your choice of treatment, and enjoy even greater benefits to achieve your desired results. 

Firmness Power
Wrinkle Resilience
Radiance Enhancement
Texture Refinement
Spot Control

Senze Oxygenated Inhalation

S$40.00 | +5MINS

Get an extra dose of pure oxygen to boost overall wellness.

Senze Oxygenated Spray

S$60.00 | +5MINS

An extra burst of hydration deliver through oxygen spray.

For Your Eyes Only

S$80.00 | +15MINS

Relieve your dull, strained and tired eyes with this treatment designed to help to soothe the delicate under-eye area. Combined with premium SK-II products, a 20-step massage helps to improve blood circulation to reduce dark circles and even naturally improve your eye contour. It is essential for achieving that wide-awake, doe-eyed look.  

Senze Oxygenated Boosters

S$88.00 | +10MINS

Enhance your wellness & hydration with the combination of Oxygenated Spray & Inhalation.

Senze Up-Lifting Enhancer Eye/Neck

S$95.00 | +15MINS

Eliminate puffiness and dark circles around your eye/neck areas, where your skin is especially prone to the first signs of aging. This treatment not only helps to improve firmness using its lifting technology, but also stimulate weak muscles around the eye/neck areas. Its anti-ageing effects result in smoother, firmer under-eye and décolleté areas.  Choose between Eye or Neck area.

Senze Aqua Pure Upgrade

S$105.00 | +15MINS

Purify your pores with this special add-on service that uses acid solution to remove dead skin cells. Especially suitable for dull and congested skin, it complements any intensive-work facial treatment at SK-II Boutique Spa to boost your skin's radiance by leaving your pores squeaky-clean for a cleaner, brighter and hydrated appearance. 

Senze Oxygenated Eye/Neck

S$140.00 | +15MINS

Refresh the most delicate areas of (and around) the face -- your eyes or neck-- with a rejuvenating experience. This oxgenated treatment employs up to 98% oxygen to gently regenerate damaged cells and improve skin metabolism. It turns back your skin's clock, and gets you instantly ready for that big event or occasion.  Choose between Eyes or Neck.

Senze Rejuvenating+ Eye/Neck/Chin

S$170.00 | +15MINS

Raise the contours of your delicate focus area with this anti-aging solution that works from deep within. Radio Frequency to emit a constant, gradual heat that will boost collagen production to reduce fine lines and wrinkles at target areas. Aside from smoother, more even contours, you can also achieve a brighter complexion with this treatment.  Choose between Eye, Neck or Chin area.

Senze Renewal Proionic Neck & Shoulder

S$280.00 | +50MINS

Banish all signs of fatigue and stress with this treatment designed to soothe achy & tired muscles around the back areas. Here, advanced INDIBA Radio Frequency technology is used to help cells recover their natural function, as well as promote microcirculation and detoxification. This treatment leaves you feeling renewed and ready to take on the world.