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Clogged Pores

Detox and clarify your facial complexion with a deep-cleansing process that includes a nearly painless, full extraction of whiteheads and blackheads to free your pores of all impurities. The overall treatment is a gentle solution to address acne, problematic and sensitive skin, as well as uneven skin texture caused by clogged or stretched pores. In the long term, your skin will appear healthier, smoother and clearer than before.  

Firmness Power
Wrinkle Resilience
Radiance Enhancement
Texture Refinement
Spot Control

SK-II Clarity Facial

S$228.00 | 60MINS

Keep your skin clear from environmental damage. Developed specifically for deep pore cleansing and skin purification, this facial treatment targets deep-rooted issues such as comedones and acne. It employes a range of different extraction tools and products such as the antiseptic Ionic Silver Gel and Skin Recovery Gel, which is rich in Vitamin E and known for its healing and anti-inflammatory properties. Regular treatment and proper care results in a healthier, more refined and clearer facial skin for a fresh and picture-perfect appearance. 

Senze Aqua Pure Facial

S$298.00 | 90MINS

Hydrate and clarify your complexion with this non-invasive exfoliation treatment that is administered both safely and painlessly. Using cutting-edge technology, a powerful vacuum and vortex tip not only cleanses your skin's surface thoroughly but also deep dermal cleansing, without using any microcrystals or abrasive particles which may irritate the skin. Your skin will emerge clearer and hydrated as skin are deeply purified and cleansed. 

Senze CrystaLight Facial

S$348.00 | 60MINS

This IPL-led treatment is effective in treating acne & clear clogged pores.  The built-in cooling tip & hydration boost from SK-II PITERA™ further soothes the skin, resulting in rejuvenated, glowing, and clear skin.   

Senze Vitality Facial

S$348.00 | 90MINS

An adaptation of the traditional eastern facework, this unique facial leverages on the 'Bojin' techniques to increase the body's circulations (blood, lymph, and oxygen), optimizes the body's energy paths & unblock facial knots to maximize the absorption of crucial skin nutrients. The result is enhanced skin youthfulness and lustrous glow, as well as improved overall well-being.