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Anti-Aging | Hydration
Senze EO+ Facial
S$350.00 | 105MINS
S$378.00 w/GST

Achieve holistic wellness of the body, mind, and skin with our arsenal of Certified Organic Essential Oils; a selection of premium oils such as Rose Otto (touted as "Liquid Gold" in the beauty industry); and an deep relaxation 40 minute facial massage that promotes lymphatic drainage. It includes hand 'point reflexeology' to improve one-self well being. Even those with sensitive or acne-prone skin may enjoy this treatment using any one of our four curated oil blends for different skin conditions. Your face will instantly see the results with reduced puffiness and refreshed. 


  • Firmness Power
  • Wrinkle Resilience
  • Radiance Enhancement
  • Texture Refinement
  • Spot Control